The Saturdays


Sigh…  we finished our last Beyond Five in a Row book yesterday.  The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright.  It was a quickie, too.  Only 8 chapters total, and we spread them out over three weeks.  We did have lots of fun, though. 

We learned a lot about the Melendy children in the process.  And a little about ourselves along the way, I hope.  There was Rush, who loved music, and Mona who wanted to be an actress…  Randy who loved Art, and Oliver, who was not quite sure what he wanted to be yet, and since he was only six, that was perfectly alright.  These siblings come up with a great plan, wherein they pooled their allowances every week so that one of them could do something grand- and they plan to take turns.  And we got to go on their adventures with them.   We held our breath when they nearly suffocated from coal gas, and rejoiced when they arrived in their summer home.  

For me, this was bittersweet.  I have so enjoyed reading all the Beyond Five in a Row titles, and sharing them with my children.  I know there are other books in The Saturdays quartet, and perhaps we will read them.  But for now, we are wrapping up for summer break.  This is a time of finishing up our goals for the year, testing later this month, and celebrating another successful year of homeschooling.


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