Making a Saddle for a Doll’s Horse

My daughter recently acquired some horses for her doll.  Two of them had been used outside as decorations and so had holes drilled into them. After we got them cleaned up, she asked, “Now, what do we do about these holes?”  She knows Mom is a fixer upper, I guess.

So, I got to work, scouring the internet trying to find an EASY saddle to make for the horses, but I couldn’t find anything.  I finally got the idea to use the saddle she had for her other horse to make a pattern and use felt for the pieces.  Here are some pictures of the finished product- I think it came out pretty nice Smile


I also added a felt blanket beneath the saddle, because we don’t want the horse to get saddle sores.  I made the bridle out of yarn (her other horse has a purple bridle and a purple blanket).

This morning, I decided to draw up and save the pattern in case I need to make more saddles, but thought I would share with anyone out there, as well.  I made these for the Target brand, Our Generation horses, but since they are tied on, I’m pretty sure they’d fit any horse roughly that size (i.e., American Girl).  When you print the pdf file below, be sure to not shrink it or enlarge it.  Enjoy Smile



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6 responses to “Making a Saddle for a Doll’s Horse

  1. Katerina

    I am so happy you did this. Thank You! I have been trying how to make this for my daughters horse.

  2. Eliecia

    I agree, thank you and thanks for posting instructions. My 9 yo dd is going to use this to make one on her own and she’s so excited!

  3. Kim Bourda

    Thank you! I just made my 4 year old a saddle for her stuffed horse. She’s stoked. It only took a couple minutes. I used left over felt from another project and embellished with some beads. Thank you for the easy plans.

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